Whether you spend a lot of time away from home or you want to control your cat’s portions, an automatic wet cat food dispenser will make your life much easier. However, wet food feeders are a bit trickier than normal dry feeders, for the obvious reason that wet food has to somehow remain fresh.

Since cats get most of their water from their food – and wet food is around 80% water – a healthy feline diet includes at least one can of wet cat food per day. Of course, this amount varies by the size of the cat and the amount of kibble normally eaten, so consult your vet if you would like a specific recommendation.

Before we get to the best automatic cat feeders on the market, there are a few things you should think about before your make your purchase.

Automatic feeders tend to vary a good deal. Consequently, it’s important to think about the features that will best meet your needs. Do you need a something that will hold a lot of different portions, or would you prefer one with a larger bowl for bigger portions? Does the noise level matter? Does it come with a warranty?

Consider what’s important to you, and keep that in mind while perusing our recommendations. If you’re in a hurry, you can check out our top picks below or skip down to the in-depth reviews of each feeder.

Best Automatic Wet Cat Food Dispensers

Automatic Cat Feeder For Wet Food: What to Consider

How Long Will the Food Stay Fresh?

So you’re trying to figure out how to feed your cat wet food while your away on vacation or for work. Depending on how long you’ll be away, this can be pretty tricky; especially if you don’t have anyone to check in every day or so.

Dry kibble is easy. Just pour a bowl with some extra portions and leave it somewhere accessible. Of course, if your kitty is a bit of a chonk and a habitual over-eater, you probably want to consider a kibble slow-feeder.

But we’re talking about wet food here. Now, unfortunately, some cats will just flat out refuse to drink water. Especially if that water is stagnant. Because of this, it’s extremely crucial that they get their water by means of that delicious canned, wet food.

Side note: If you’re in the market for a water dispenser, check out our post breaking down the best automatic cat water bowls and their benefits.

Furthermore, if that shiny new food dispenser doesn’t have any means of keeping that wet cat food fresh, it’ll be a total waste. That’s why, when choosing our top picks, we were very careful to prioritize feeders that have either a strong seal, ice packs or both.

It’s also important to remember that wet food dispensers require a great deal more maintenance than dry. Regardless of the feeder model you choose, you’re probably not going to keep that wet food fresh for more than 24-48 hours.

Feeding Times

Unfortunately, only the best automatic cat feeders give you the option to set your own custom feeding times. However, in my opinion, opting for the cheap model of anything ‘automatic’ is not going to work out in the long term.

Of course, having the flexibility to customize when your cat eats won’t be as important to some people as it is to others. However, if kitty is on a very specific eating schedule then this is definitely a feature that you’ll want to consider.

For example, if your cat wants to eat breakfast at 6am, have lunch at 12pm and dinner at 6pm, then maybe a snack before bed, you should have that option. If the dispenser doesn’t meet your cats need then it’s possible kitty will get turned off from the whole idea and refuse to use it.

Portion Size

The amount of food that each meal provides is another important factor to consider. Think about how much food your cat eats within a 24 hour period. You should be able to divide that amount up evenly to be doled in little portions.

Most cat feeders have portion sizes of about 1 cup. Some go up to 1.5 cups, but that’s a lot for one kitty to eat at a time. But, depending on how many cats will be sharing the meal, a portion that big could be just the perfect amount.

Number of Meals

This is another factor that is specific to each cat and their eating habits. If your kitty likes to eat one big meal per day all at once, then a dispenser that only holds one or two meals is the way to go. On the other hand, if your feline is like most, they like to graze in smaller amounts throughout the day.

If that’s the case, you’re going to want to opt for the cat feeder that can keep up to 5 meals of wet food refrigerated per day. Personally, this is my preference for two reasons.

First, it allows me to stock the dispenser according to how long I plan on being away from home. If it’s just a normal 8 hour work day, I usually keep just 2 or 3 meals in there for rotation. But if I plan on being away for longer, I can always add some extra meals in there to make up for it.

The second reason is that I can also mix in some dry kibble too. So if kitty likes to eat wet food for breakfast, kibble as a snack and wet food for dinner, I have the ability to make that happen.

Build Quality

Like I said before, I think it’s worth shelling out an extra couple bucks for a better product, as opposed to cheaping out to save some cash.

Any product that contains a battery is going to have more functional complexities than products that don’t. It’s the nature of technology. A lot of companies will manufacture some sub-par product just to get it out there without paying attention to the details. Consequently, they end up bringing an inferior product to market.

For instance, say you only want to spend $50 for a cat feeder. After looking around you find a seemingly suitable dispenser that’ll actually save you 20 bucks. Nice! But after it arrives, you realize that every so often it gets stuck and doesn’t dispense any food. Which means you’ll be at work or on vacation worrying about whether or not kitty is going hungry or not.

As it turns out, your friend got a new cat food dispenser a few months back as well. And since they opted for the $60 model, they couldn’t be happier with it! Now if you want a cat dispenser that actually dispenses food, you need to spend another 60 bucks to get the one that actually does its job. In the end, you’ll have spent $40 more than you originally wanted to.

Battery Life

This is something that a lot of people may not consider when making their decision, but it’s still important.

Since most of the auto cat feeders out there are powered by batteries, how long those batteries will last is definitely something to think about. You certainly don’t want your cat’s tummy rumbling just because the AA batteries were shot.

Correspondingly, make sure to take note of the type of battery and how many are required. Usually the further down in the alphabet they are and the more there are, the longer your new feeder will last.

Ideally, you’d have a model that connects to a wall outlet AND has a battery backup just in case your home loses power. But unfortunately most manufacturers didn’t consider that an important feature, so we’re stuck with just the batteries.


As with anything mechanical or with the potential for damage, you want to make sure that the warrant is a good one. There are plenty of things that can go wrong between the factory line and your doorstep, so take an extra minute to secure that peace of mind.


This seems to be another factor somewhat overlooked as well. You’re looking for something that will make your life just a little easier, not something that will grind your gears. Check the reviews of the model you like most and make sure no one has complained that it’s excessively loud.

Best Automatic Feeder for Wet Cat Food

The SureFeed Microchip Small Dog & Cat Feeder tops our list for a few reasons. Not only does it function perfectly as an automatic pet wet food dispenser, it also keeps your cats from eating each other’s food. If you have more than one cat at home and are always having to deal with the competition, the SureFeed was made just for you.

With the SureFeed, the only way your kitty is able to get to the food is by by using a unique microchip. Pretty awesome, right? This one is really useful for those mischievous & thieving dogs or cats. And don’t worry if your feline friend doesn’t have a microchip. Every SureFeed comes with a RFID collar that also works to activate the feeder.

The air-tight seal will keep wet food fresh for up to 12 hours. If you need it in there longer, you can freeze the can of food the day before you use it to get about 24 hours out of it. It’s only for wet food either – if one of your kitty’s needs dry and the other one wet, no problem! The bowl will fit 13.5 fl. oz of any kind of cat food.

The SureFeed Microchip feeder helps to keep your cat happy and healthy by preventing overeating and timing portions out during the day. It also works really well for cat’s on prescription diets that need a certain amount at a certain time.

Like most models, this wet cat food dispenser runs solely on batteries. That, paired with the compact design, gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a spot in your home. Furthermore, the 3 year warranty keeps you protected from any potential problems.

Key Benefits:
  • Prevents stealing with microchip reading technology
  • Tight seal that keeps food fresh
  • 3 year warranty
  • 6 month long battery life
  • Simple to setup and program
  • Works for both wet and dry food
  • Lightweight and compact
Potential Drawbacks:
  • No cooling feature that makes wet food last longer
  • Requires microchip or RFID collar
  • Expensive
  • Only holds 13.5 fl. oz. of food

The next automatic wet cat food dispenser on our list is the Cat Mate C500. While not as high-tech as our Top Pick, the built-in timer works almost as well and is really easy to use.

Coming with 5 compartments for up to 5 meals, the C500 is definitely more suited to cat parents who are away for longer periods of time. Just use the digital timer to set each time you want the food to dispense. You can even time it so it won’t get spitting out food for a midnight snack while you’re trying to get some shut eye.

Coupled with the LCD display that shows you the meals that you’ve programmed, you can really be at ease knowing your furry friend has enough to eat – but not too much!

The close-fitting, tamper-proof lid makes it so there’s no way kitty can get inside the thing without the timer going off. Not only that, this Cat Mate model comes with twin ice packs to keep your wet food fresh all day long. Not having to worry about freezing the food prior to using it makes the C500 extra convenient.

The ice packs will last between 12 and 15 hours. This will get the job done for cat parents who just need feeding to be taken care of while they’re hard at work. But, if you need more time than that, you can freeze the food that will be eaten last so it will still be fresh when the timer goes off.

Each compartment holds about 1.5 cups, which is plenty of food for two cats. Plus, keeping it clean is a breeze since the lid and bowl and dishwasher safe. Moreover, in case you have any mechanical trouble or damage during shipping, you’ll have a 3 year warranty to keep you covered.

Key Benefits:
  • Easy to use timer
  • LCD display
  • Twin ice packs to keep food fresh longer
  • 5 compartments holding 1.5 cups each
  • Operates quietly
  • Easy to set up and program
  • Batteries last for 12 months
  • 3 year warranty
Potential Drawbacks:
  • Extra ice packs are expensive
  • LCD screen is a bit dim
  • Compartments could be tighter to keep the cold in

Next on the list is another by Cat Mate: The C20 2-Bowl Automatic feeder. Great for multi-pet households, the C20 can hold up two 2 pounds of wet or dry food; 1 pound in each compartment.

The food is kept fresh by closely fitting lids and the ice pack that comes with it. While the listing advertises that the food can be kept fresh for up to 48 hours, we don’t recommend planning to use it for so long. It can probably be achieved, but really 36 hours should the cut-off time for any pet feeder.

Since the C20 only has two compartments, it’s not the best choice for cats who need to regulate their food intake. On the other hand, the two compartments hold a lot of food that can separated by wet and dry. This way you can schedule the wet food to be eaten first for breakfast and the dry food timer will go off later in the day.

The timer is really easy to set up and use, and the removable dishwasher-safe lids and bowls make the whole thing super easy to clean.

However, this automatic pet feeder was our Best Budget pick for a reason. Many customers have reported that it doesn’t function properly, even straight out of the box. The timer is old and sometimes will fail to go off. Some people have even received replacements had the same problems with second feeder.

As they say, you get what you pay for. And you don’t want to pay for something cheap that your cat will be completely reliant upon.

Key Benefits:
  • Big bowls hold a lot of food
  • Comes with ice pack to keep wet food fresh
  • Removable, easy to clean bowls
  • Dishwasher safe
Potential Drawbacks:
  • Only has 2 compartments
  • Big bowls don’t allow for food regulation
  • Timer is unreliable
  • Customers have received faulty or broken parts
  • Nothing that indicates the food is ready so the cat knows it’s time to eat

Automatic Cat Feeder Dry Wet Food Auto Feeder by CanineStar is another solid option for cat owners who want total control of their feline’s diet. Coming with 5 compartments that hold both wet and dry food, the automatic pet feeder is made of ABS plastic, BPA free and environmentally friendly.

This particular feeder has an added twist too: it comes with a voice recorder. So whenever the timer goes off, your soothing voice will tell your kitty it’s time to eat, making them feel like your home and making the transition to a different food dispenser that much easier.

Side note: If you really want to make your life easier, pair this automatic feeder with an electric litter box that cleans itself.

The LCD display makes programming the timer basically self-explanatory, giving you the ability to manage your cat’s feeding routine and keep meals right on schedule.

As a bonus, this is one of the few wet cat food dispensers that has a dual power supply. You’re able to connect it to the wall to charge, then if power to your home is interrupted the battery backup will save the day. Just remember to install the battery as soon as you get it! Batteries are not included.

Plus, if you have any problems or decide a wet food auto feeder isn’t for you, CanineStar offers a 30 days money back guarantee. Coupled with the 12 months of technical support and excellent customer service, you can feel safe buying this model.

Key Benefits:
  • LCD display
  • Voice Recorder that tells your cat it’s time to eat
  • Dual power supply
  • 5 compartments
  • Tight seal keeps wet food fresh
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps programmed feeding schedule even if it loses power
Potential Drawbacks:
  • No built in ice packs to keep wet food fresher longer
  • Can only use 4 of the compartments for wet food since 1 is open
  • Requires food to be frozen if you want it to last longer than 10-12 hours

Last but not least on our list is the WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder. Similar to the Cat Mate C20 above, this is an automatic feeder for wet cat food for cat parents on a tight budget.

Coming with two bowls that can hold up to 1.5 cups of food each, this slow feeder can keep wet cat food fresh for up to 24 hours since it comes with a built-in ice pack. Furthermore, the timer on each bowl can be programmed to up to 48 hours in advance. Setting the timer will lock the bowl with a tight seal, making it completely tamper proof. Once the timer reaches 0, the lid pops open and the feast can begin.

And, since this feeder is relatively cheap, you can buy another set and double the meals to 4 if you want to be away for longer. It’s powered by 1 AA battery that should give you about a 3-6 month life span before you’ll need to change it.

When choosing a spot for your feeders, make sure to pick a place that is cool and dry. Hot weather will spoil the wet food a lot faster, so pick a spot that doesn’t have sun shining in from a window and isn’t next to a heat source.

Finally, you can rest easy knowing that each order guarantees a refund within 30 days and comes with a 12 month warranty and technical support.

Key Benefits:
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with ice pack for fresh food longer
  • Easy to use timer
  • Each bowl can hold 1.5 cups each
  • Easy to clean
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty
Potential Drawbacks:
  • Only has 2 compartments, so bad for food regulation
  • No bell or voice notification when food is ready
  • Ice packs are thin, don’t last as long as others
  • Loud ticking timer

Wrapping it Up

Automatic pet food dispensers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with all different features and functionalities. Now that you are well-versed on those features and benefits, you can easily choose one that meets your needs and budget. Certain features are more important to some people than others, so review the key benefits and potential drawbacks of each option and choose the best suited to you.

Whether you prefer a slow feeder for feeding wet food to your cats while you’re on vacation, or a dispenser that caters to multi-pet households, the right one is out there.

In a world of fast-paced technological growth and automation, it only makes sense to leverage that power for your own needs. The less time you spend doing mundane tasks that can be done by some plastic and a little engineering, the more time you can spend on things you actually enjoy doing. Or use that time to educate yourself or make more money.

Side note: If education is what you’re after, learn the importance of knowing how often your cat needs to urinate. This information is crucial to being a responsible cat parent.

Remember, when making your choice, consider the actual functionality you need. Are you trying to change your cat’s eating habits? Are you going away on vacation? Has leaving the cat food out lead to overeating?

These questions, coupled with the criteria we laid out above, should help inform your decision to get the best automatic wet cat food dispenser for you.

Automatic Feeder For Wet Cat Food

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