So you’re sick of your cat climbing on the fridge. And the bookcase. And the counter. Trust me, I get it. Unfortunately, since cats are hard- wired to want a bird’s eye view, so there’s not much you can do about it. A cat tree (or cat condo, cat tower, etc.) is the logical solution. However, if your cat is on the large side, finding the right one can get a bit tricky. So I decided to make it a little easier by doing an analysis of dozens of different trees to help you in your search for the best cat tree.

Quick Look:

Cat trees serve quite a few important purposes. Mainly, they help keep your furry feline occupied and engaged – and off of your expensive furniture. Additionally, they can help your cat get some much needed exercise and provide a relaxing place to curl up and watch over your household.

Most importantly, however, is that a tree can really contribute to your cat’s overall health. It’s very important that your cat stays mentally and physically active and most towers are specifically designed to achieve both in spades. I won’t say this is as important as eating a balanced diet or staying hydrated, but constant stimulation still nears the top of the list.

A large cat needs a cat tower that’s sturdy, durable, and designed to withstand a lot of scratching. Although these are the main characteristics you’ll need to consider when making your decision, you may want additional features such as a hanging toy or a cozy hammock depending on your cat’s interests. Keeping all that in mind, I found the FEANDREA 67-in Multi-Level Cat Tree to be the best cat tree for large cats available in 2020.

Top Picks for The Best Large Cat Trees

You don’t want to buy a cheap, lightweight tower that will just fall over every time your cat jumps off of it – so a wide and sturdy base is absolutely necessary! All cat trees vary significantly so make sure you pay attention to the dimensions.

That being said, let’s compare the size and weight of the each cat tower.

Size & Weight Comparison for The Best Large Cat Trees

FEANDREA 67-in Cat Tree23.6″21.6″67″64 lbs
Go Pet Club Cat Tree 26″50″72″66 lbs
Vesper Cat Furniture27″26″47″43 lbs
Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo 53″22″72″60 lbs
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House 25″32″47.5″29.5 lbs
TRIXIE Pet Products Belinda Cat Tree House 23″23″55″61 lbs
FEANDREA 56.3-in Multi-Level Cat Tree21.7″17.7″56.3″35 lbs

Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats

best cat trees

This luxurious, plush fabric cat tower is the absolute cream of the crop for large cats.

The extra large scratching pad will give your couch a well- deserved break from your cat’s relentlessly sharp claws. Together with the sisal- covered scratching posts, any feline’s natural instincts will be more than satisfied.

When it’s time to relax, there are 2 roomy condos to choose from as well as 3 plush perches with raised edges for extra safety. The natural high density particle boards are doubly reinforced to guarantee stability.

Being just under 6 feet tall allows for plenty of exercise for your cat while jumping around from level to level. There’s even hanging balls on each level for entertainment at his leisure.

FEANDREA is an extremely reputable brand and provides excellent customer service both before and after your purchase. With an impressive 4.8 star rating on Amazon, you’ll have difficulty finding any problems whatsoever with my Best Overall pick.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

best cat trees

This is hands down the best value for your money when it comes to cat trees.

Go Pet Club’s 72″ Cat Tree is at the top level in extravagant rest and relaxation. It offers 15 faux fur covered levels, 10 sisal- covered scratching posts and is made from sturdy compressed wood for extra safety.

Regardless of how much of a hand- on person you are you’ll have this tower assembled and ready for action in no time. It has certainly earned its 4.6 star rating by being exceedingly durable and long- lasting; even if your cat is a chonker and fancies himself a gymnast.

Lazy cats even have ramps to get from one level to the next and a hanging stuffed mouse on the top platform when they’re feeling playful.

Vesper Cat Furniture

best cat trees

For cat owners who prefer a more stylish and modern looking tower look no further than Vesper Cat Furniture.

Being just under 4 feet, the innovative design is cat-friendly while also satisfying aesthetic tastes. The New Zealand pine wood makes for an elegant finish and the memory foam cushions let your cat lounge in style.

Reviewers love the fact that the sturdy, all- wood tower lasts longer than its carpeted counter- parts. Having rounded edges and corners makes for extra safety, which is especially important to those who have children running around the house playing with the cat.

The scratching posts are wrapped in seagrass rope instead of the usual sisal, making the posts not as durable as other models. If your cat is an incessant scratcher than you this may not be the cat tree for you.

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

best cat trees

Ideal for multi- cat households, the Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo measures in at a towering 6 feet high.

The gorgeous pressed wood and fax fur covering is not only attractive but practical too. Whether your cat prefers sleeping, climbing, exercising, or scratching, this cat tree is tough and comfortable enough for any and all of the above.

On top of that, Aeromark International’s unique design comes with toys and sisal rope posts to interact with and a comfy hammock and roomy condo to lounge about it.

The Arkmarkat product line has a two decade long history of being not only well- designed but durable and safely constructed.

Assembly is super easy and it’s able to bear the weight of heavier cats with ease – no wonder it has rocks a whopping 4.7 star rating.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

best cat trees

If you’re on a budget but are need of a quality cat tree then Go Pet Club has you covered. Priced at almost half of some of the other choices on my list, this is probably the best cat tree for multiple cats.

This medium sized tree features a ladder, rope and a hanging toy for some playtime fun. Although not as tall as other options, it’s so sturdy that I would trust up to 5 pets on this thing – all at once! The top level is suitable for even the heaviest of cats, but be warned that he may not fit in the condo depending on his size.

The faux fur is incredibly soft and the scratching posts are a fantastic way for your cat to sharpen his nails and work out his muscles.

With the easy assembly and extremely reasonable price tag you really can’t go wrong here.

TRIXIE Pet Products Belinda Cat Tree House

best cat trees

TRIXIE Pet Products Belinda Cat Tree House offers endless opportunities for your cat to scratch, explore, play or just sit back and relax.

With stylish and comfy plush caps, all the posts are covered in durable sisal for your cat to scratch to his heart’s delight. At over 4 feet tall, the three extra- padded platforms can easily handle the weight of larger cats and provide an excellent view from above.

When it’s time for your cat to retire he’ll find extra soft padding in his condo and a back rest on the top level for added safety and comfort. The condo is plus sized as well – a fully grown 15 pound feline fits in with room to spare!

To top it all off, the fashionable, subtle beige of the plush fabric allows the Belinda Cat Tree to blend right in with your home decor.

FEANDREA 56.3 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

best cat trees

I tried to include all different styles and brands but I just HAD to include another FEANDREA Cat Tree on this list.

Unlike the Best Overall pick, this model offers an incredibly comfortable hammock with a play rope for a clever mixture of fun and relaxation. It’s about middle of the line when it comes to height measuring at about 4 1/2 feet. The reinforced posts are wrapped with sisal to promote exercising and the extremely roomy condo offer a splendid napping experience for tuckered out cats.

FEANDREA really prioritizes stability and it really shows in all their products. Constructed with CARB- certified particle board and fitted with anti- toppling fixtures, you and your beloved cat couldn’t be any safer.

With all that- in addition to the padded perches and a spacious condo- this cat tree is a steal.

best cat trees
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